Photography by Ceci

Photography has been a passion of mine for the past 35 years. I started taking photos of the areas we traveled when I was a member of the New Oregon Singers in my early 20's. Then I was in front of the camera for about a decade where I learned more about taking photos of people and groups in many different locations. Along the way I was also a corporate event planner and doing large and specialized events and tours (and of course, I always added photos to document the events).

Another part of my history included singing; first with the New Oregon Singers and then in the Portland (Oregon) Opera Chorus for 21 years. I am the one with all the photos backstage and (don't tell) sometimes on stage too.

I have made many DVDs with music for memorials & special occasions, numerous photo albums and yearly calendars. My experiences and the many classes and seminars I have taken over the years have only increased my passion. I love all aspects of this field. Mostly, I love the people and the time I get to spend with them.

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